Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby R is 11 Months Old

     Better late than never, I guess. :)

     Sweetheart, you are blowing me away! 

     It's been a pretty emotional ride with you turning one at the end of the month.  I can't believe how fast one entire year has flow right by. 

     I'll be savouring every last drop of your baby days. Yup, that's me crouched in the corner of your nursery, watching you nap, and sobbing into a pillow. Creepy, I know. 

     This month, it's become pretty clear that you are no longer a baby. You are blossoming into a pretty awesome little girl. 

     You are becoming more comfortable in your skin and you strut your stuff all through the house. Best part, you've become so cuddly and snuggly, hugging and giving us kisses like it's your job. 

     You cut three more teeth and you gobble up cheese, grapes, and waffles faster than your Daddy does.  

     You are learning how to pretend and use your imagination with your dolls and stuffed animals. You are a natural nurturer, giving them snuggles and sips of your milk. 

     My sweet girl, the light of all my days, I am so unbelievably proud of you and cannot wait to celebrate an amazing first year. 

     You make me so proud. 

     Some cool things about you:

     You are walking like a champ.  I'm positive that you will be sprinting in no time. 

     You can say Nana, Cat, Cookie, Ball and your favourite, Dada. 

     Your favourite foods are cheese, turkey, watermelon, grapes, and yogurt. 

     You weigh 20lbs and you are 75 cm tall!

     You've recently picked up on purposely scratching us in the face.  Which wouldn't be so awesome if you didn't make up for it by hugging and kissing us after. It's okay, I don't need the skin on my face anyway. I'll take your kisses over it any day. 

     Thanks for putting a huge smile on my face every morning and for being one cool chick. 

     Welcome to toddlerhood, sweet girl. I'm sure you'll rock this part too. 

xo, Momma