Monday, February 24, 2014

12 Weeks

How far along?  12 weeks
Total weight gain:  2lbs
Maternity clothes:  Just lots of comfy and warm stuff.
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Sleeping great.
Best moment this week: Canada winning gold in Men's and Women's hockey! (and all the candy eating during the games)
Movement: A few flutters here and there if I'm lying really still.  Also could still just be gas.
Cravings: Cherry Pepsi, bulk candy is my BFF, any type of baked good...looks like I'm headed in the same directed as last time as far as weight gain.  It's best if I don't talk about it. ;)
Anything making you queasy? Nothing at all.
Gender: Unknown.
Labour Signs: Nope
Symptoms:  It's been so strange to me that I've had VERY few symptoms this time around.  It even got me a little worried but after a quick google search, I've been assured that it's pretty normal and that I should just be counting my lucky stars I'm not hunched over the toilet this time around.  I feel fantastic and I have tons of energy.  Just keeping my fingers crossed that I stay like this for a little while longer...or the entire time...I'd be good with that too.  The few symptoms that I do have include, sore boobs, mood swings, and my face looks not unlike a teenage boys.  I'll take it!
Belly button: Just ew.
Emotions:  Ups and downs all day long.  Hubby hasn't killed me yet.
Excited for:  Some warmer weather.  I am sick of being cooped up inside and feeling like a popsicle all day long.  Can't wait to do some spring/ summer shopping.  I imagine myself to be living in maxi dresses and sun hats all the rest of my days.

Baby is the size of a Peach!

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C's First Yearbook

After C was born, I took a moment to look through my own baby book and noticed that my baby pictures were few and far between, and I also didn't have a whole lot documented from my first year.  It would have been awesome to read back on my life as a baby, especially being a new mom myself.  So I decided to create a yearbook for C's first year, and I plan to do the same for Baby #2, and also a family yearbook for each year after the babies turn One.

With all of the awesome technology that is available for photo storage and editing, it's become super easy to manage and store the millions of photos that I took of C in her early days.  I used the Shutterfly webite to create her yearbook.  It was so easy and turned out even better than I thought it would.

This is the 12x12 glossy version.

I told her story from the very beginning with the monthly belly photos that we took.

We documented her nursery, which is nice because we've already changed it so much to transition her to a big girl room that I'm sure we'll forget how special this space was to us.

...and all of her first holidays.

I did a page dedicated to her First Birthday Party and added in a letter that I wrote to her on that day.

These are just a few of the pages out of the 30 page book. 

Since I documented each month of her first year on the blog, it was easy to copy in a message about her milestones, our everyday routines, and her likes and dislikes.  

I just know that I would think it's hilarious to read all about what I was like as a baby, and I'm sure one day C will appreciate having this book.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

This Life I Live...

     I'm a lucky girl.  I'm a Sagittarius, the luckiest of all the signs.  I don't think I'd even change a single thing about my life and how it has panned out.  I've always wanted to be a mom.  Even at a really young age, I remember wanting to have a baby (or ten) so that I could have my own classroom.  With some experience under my belt, I've definitely pulled back on that idea and I'd be perfectly content with two or maybe three babies.  Not complaining though, this IS the life I've always dreamed of.

     Of course, some days are bad.  Like really really bad.  Like I just want to hide from my family and watch an entire four seasons of a show alone in bed, while eating Cheetos.  And other days, I want to pull my hair out because not one single person understands that I could use an hour to myself just to stare at a wall.  But other than that, the good most definitely outweighs the bad.

     I see pictures of people vacationing somewhere hot and breathtaking, or know people taking courses so that they can eventually land their dream job, or sleeping in until noon and then going back to bed, and I get jealous for a minute. Then I remember that I chose this and I wouldn't have it any other way.

     We're doing things in a different order than the average couple, but that doesn't mean it has to suck.  The sacrifices we're making now, to raise a family and pay a mortgage, will probably give us the freedom in our mid to late 30's to do all of the things we dream of doing.  Like backpacking across Europe, or taking an Alaskan Cruise, Camping for two weeks in Tobermory, or taking a last minute trip to Vegas to drunkenly get hitched.

     I've come up with a plan in the time since we've become young parents, and it goes a little something like this...  have babies, raise babies, make money, save money, have modest amounts of fun, strengthen our love and build our home, then, find a baby-sitter, or dump our teenage kids at their grandparents, or leave them with our friends who all now have their hands full with babies, and BAIL.  Next, do all of the things that we never go to do while we were busy changing diapers and issuing first class tickets to time out.

And at that age, our sex drives will be in full gear, and we'll do it all the time, and everywhere.  And then drink champagne and sleep until whenever we want.


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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

11 Weeks

How far along?  11 weeks
Total weight gain:  2lbs
Maternity clothes:  Not yet, religiously wearing tights and yoga pants though.  I'm all about comfort now, especially with this bitter weather we've been having.
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Sleeping good.  Started using a body pillow, goodbye romance!  And already waking up to pee 900 times a night.
Best moment this week: Deciding that I am taking the entire month of August off to soak up the last days of summer and the last days of C being my only baby.  And now I'm crying... it really doesn't take much to turn me into a blubbering hot mess.
Movement: I KNOW I've felt a few flutters on occasion but it's hard to tell if it's actually movement or just gas.  They say you start to feel movement sooner the second time around, but I'm pretty sure 11 weeks is REALLY soon.  Probably just really farty. ;)
Cravings: Pepsi (like the last time), Cool Whip, Hot Peppers.
Anything making you queasy? Not anymore, coffee was a no go for a while, but I'M BAAAACK! Now load me up with all the caffeine and coffee creamers.  I've started up my collection again.
Gender: Unknown.
Labour Signs: No way, definitely forget what that feels like.  Of course, that's the only way I'd ever decide to do this a second time, right?
Symptoms: Moodiness.  I'm sorry.  I'm short, snippy, and VERY emotional.  I even had an entire day dedicated to 'where is my life going?', and then I was over it by bedtime.  Bear with me here, husband of mine.
Belly button: I can see to the back of it.  EW ...have I mentioned how much I freaking hate belly buttons.  I might just go ahead and delete this part of the questionnaire.  It's an ongoing thing in this household to poke your belly button when Mommy's looking so that she gets super freaked out.  They get me every time!
Emotions:  I'm on a roller coasted and I'm forcing everyone around me to ride.  Come on guys, it'll be fun, she said!
Excited for:  Deciding on a name for Baby Boy/ Girl!  We've chosen the same name whether we get a little he or she.  But of course you'll have to wait 6 more long months to hear it.  I'm so pumped for it and I feel exactly the same way that I felt once we decided on C's name.  Completely in love.

Baby is the size of a large Plum!

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

10 Weeks

I'm baaaaaaack and pregnant with Baby R #2 who is due In September. I'm beyond excited to be starting up this baby blog again and I can't wait to start comparing the differences between my pregnancies.      Thanks for riding this crazy roller coaster with me all over again!

I'm not sure if it's even possible, but I knew I was pregnant the second it happened.  The hubs and I decided that we were going to stop 'not-trying' in November and we made this little babe on the night of my 26th Birthday, December 17th.  Happy Birthday to me! ;)

I tried taking a handful of pregnancy tests WAY too early and of course got a negative every time.  But I KNEW.  I was bloated and starving all the time.  I also started having random nosebleeds a few times a day.  I finally got a positive test the day after New Years day.  That's pretty much when I began eating like a horse and asking for nightly foot rubs... it's pretty much been a love/love relationship ever since.  I'm in LOVE with being pregnant.  Except that I really miss wine.

How far along?  10 weeks
Total weight gain:  2 lbs... here we go again.
Maternity clothes:  Still in my normal clothes.  Jeans are getting a little snug.
Stretch marks: No way! Hoping to fight them off this time around as well.
Sleep: Sleeping great... except that 10 hours a night plus an hour long nap just isn't enough.
Best moment this week: Sharing the news with our families and friends! It's nice to have somewhat planned this pregnancy and to also somewhat have our shit together this time around, so we weren't as terrified to tell our parents.
Movement: None yet.  But I've read that it happens much earlier the second time around.  Can't wait!
Cravings:  Nothing specific yet. Just really hungry all the time.  Mostly enjoying smoothies, pastries, and all things carbohydrate.
Anything making you queasy? Morning sickness is pretty much nonexistent this time around.  I am really lucking out so far.  I get a little bit queasy thinking about coffee, which I haven't been crazy about for a few weeks.
Gender: We are hoping to find out what we are having again, I believe that happens around 20 weeks.  I would love for C to have a baby sister, but the hubs of course wants a mini him.  I'm happy with a healthy, great sleeping baby. :)
Labour Signs: n/a
Symptoms:  Bloating, itchy belly, breakouts, I was pretty tired for a while but that seems to have subsided.
Belly button: Cleaned out some old lint from the last time.  Disgusting.
Emotions:  Excited and nervous.  I can't believe I'll be a mom to two year old and a new born. Yikes!
Excited for:  My next appointment with my midwife.  I was lucky enough to get one this time around and I love her already.  It's a really good feeling to see someone every month who actually cares about your wellbeing.  I had a terrible experience with my OBGyn and did not want to have to go that route again.  

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