Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finding Balance

Times they are a changing

     This week we celebrated our first year of home ownership, and just around the corner is the day I've been dreading for the last few months, C's First Birthday.  (invitations are ordered :( wah) People always told me to slow down and cherish every moment because before you know it you're old and you can't wipe your own bum.  Ok, no one said those exact words, but I know that's what they were getting at.

     As I'm typing this, I'm watching C walk back and forth from the TV to the ottoman transporting the remote and a dirty sock.  I swear just yesterday she was being placed on my chest in the hospital room.

     We've worked hard for everything we have, and with A LOT of help from family and friends, I finally feel like I'm exactly where I want to be.  But of course, it's inevitable that as soon as you start to get comfortable, change happens and sends you wandering off in a new direction, pulling up your big girl pants all the while.

     Next month, I'll be starting work from Monday to Friday.  Whoa! A real person job. It's been so long since I've had a structured schedule that I forget that a clock serves a purpose other than letting me know when nap time is.

     The hubs will also be on the road a lot over the next few months for work.  He'll be away throughout the week, while I'm home working, and taking care of Chloe.   It sounds like a shitty deal but it's actually going to be really good for us.  This way I'll get the space I need to do me things, and we'll still have our weekends together.

     It's really hard for me to put myself first, because I'm always taking care of everyone and everything.  That's what being a mom does to you.  I literally have not shaved my legs in two weeks.  Sometimes though, you need to back off and let things go, and do you.

Me Things include:

reading trashy celeb magazines
scratching bingo cards
eating way too much chocolate, potentially an entire cake.
blaring Miranda Lambert at 7am
yoga & runs
KUWTK/ property brothers marathons
new mani's every night (hubby hates the smell, so I rarely do it)
coffee/wine on the back deck
cooking/ eating whatever the fuck i want (something that doesn't include sausage, bacon and BBQ chicken thanks, fucking men)

     I never realized exactly how necessary it is to have your own space, in a relationship. I guess we've been too busy raising a baby together, to realize that we were driving each other insane.

     There's no doubt that we're crazy about each other, but in my own words... "seriously sometimes, just gtfo."

     When you have the chance to miss each other, it makes you appreciative, and less, I MIGHT PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE IF I HEAR YOU BREATHE ONE MORE TIME.

Ahhh married life.  And everyone wonders why we don't feel the need to make it legal.
...that nonsense is expensive, for something we already have.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Oh hello, Spring. So nice of you to join us.  In honour of this beautiful weather that's been popping up randomly over the last couple weeks, I present to you... 
our my summer bucket list.    

I was hoping to just "not find" a job until after the summer.  Once I had completely overstayed my welcome on the unemployment party boat.  However, that is not the way my cards were dealt, so I'll be spending my weekdays contributing to society once again.  

Here's all the fun stuff I'd like to accomplish, mostly on my mornings and weekends off.

1. Camping at Killbear
2. Day trip to Long Beach
3. A bowling date night or two
4. Drive In - with and without the babe
5. Swim at an outdoor pool
6. Wild Waterworks
7.  Shop at the Niagara fruit stands
8.  Trip to the farmers market
9.  Winery Tour
10.  Hike the Devil's Punchbowl
11.  Sound of Music Festival
12.  Ribfest
13.  Play Bar Golf on Augusta Street
14.  Cottaging - mooch off friends or family (you know who you are!)
15.  See a Blue Jays game
16.  Lunch at Port Dalhousie
17.  Buy a bike and ride the trails
18.  Run a 5k
19.  Get a pedicure
20.  Camp out in our backyard
21.  Teach a yoga class at preschool
22.  Rock badass cowboy boots
23.  Roast s'mores
24. Go fishing
25.  Jump into the Hagersville quarry
26.  Cook with herbs from the garden
27.  Go sailing

I'll be updating this list at the end of the summer and hopefully I'll have scratched most of these off.  
Otherwise if I don't update, it's because I've failed miserably and I'm embarrassed that I didn't have as much fun as last summer...

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Friday, April 12, 2013

100th Post

     I can't begin to thank you guys enough for encouraging me to keep this blog going and for sticking around to read it.

     When I started writing here, it was mostly out of boredom.  Being preggers, I wanted something to fill my time with, that obviously didn't involve my usual hobbies; drinking and hosting parties.  Now, I write to vent, organize my life, and preserve memories for C and our family.

     Thanks for following our half-assed attempts at parenting, and our what did we get ourselves into home renovations.

In honour of my 100th post...
a sneak peek at one of the pages from the Shutterfly Photobook that I'm making for C's First Birthday.
What do you think?...

top pic is me, middle pic is C, bottom pic is P

I crack up every time I look at that pic of the hubs.  Holyyyy chunkster, lay off the Oreos.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby R is 10 Months Old

     My little partner in crime, you are double digit months old already!  A year ago, this month, we were moving into our new home and decorating your nursery.  We were getting ready to welcome you into our lives.  

And today, you took your first steps.  And now I'm a sobbing mess, because I just can't believe what a little lady you've become.
I mean, WALKING??? Slow your role kiddo.

     Momma went back to work last month, and even though it was hard to be away from you at first, you seem to really love your new Nanny.  We still have our weekends together, and now mommy is able to build up your savings know, for that Cancun trip we will be taking one day.

     On the first nice day of spring, we took you for a hike to the golf course at the end of our street.  You crawled around on the grass and you weren't really sure what to make of it, but you loved the warm sunshine on your face.

     Momma and Daddy started planning your first birthday party this week.  We made some pretty special invitations so that all of your friends can help us celebrate.  Momma is working on an awesome gift for you.  I can't wait for you to see it.

     You now have a second tooth on the bottom and I noticed that you are cutting a top tooth too!  Probably any day now.  You are too cute with your two little bottom teeth.

     We had to put away all of your 9 month clothing and sleepers because you are just too big.  We even put away some 12 month sleepers too.  You are now wearing some 18 month clothes. Whoa!  ... did I mention you have a very healthy appetite?.

Love you C Bear,


Operation Income Suite: Living Room Complete

     We have finally put the finishing touches on the living room of our basement income suite.  After the sweet carpet install that happened this afternoon, we're all set to start work on the kitchen ... it really is a never ending project.  
More Kraken please...

Here's our progress since we began renovations, about a month ago...
The only thing left to do is build a hidden door where that random bed sheet is.  
That's the electrical panel.
and here's the bedroom with the new carpet installed...
here's what it looked like before... yikes!

Good times.
next up for the kitchen...
Electrical & plumbing
Drywall & mudding
Priming & Painting
Laminate flooring install
Trim & baseboards
Install Ikea kitchen


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Thursday, April 4, 2013

C's First Easter

     C's first Easter doubles as our first time celebrating Easter together as a family.  When you're not super religious, there's really no need to celebrate a holiday about an imaginary bunny who lays eggs, unless you have a kid.  This year, even though C is still too young to have any idea of what's going on, we wanted to make her Easter morning special.

     She woke up to a little Easter basket that we put together with a few of the things that she'll be needing for spring.  We were pretty impressed when she speed crawled right over to it and started pulling things out.

What's in C's Easter basket:

Easter Bunny Stuffies
Spring shoes
Sippy Cups
18 Month Sleepers
Ring Stacker Toy
Beach toys

     We also had some hilarious photos done with a few cute bunnies.  I think it's safe to say that we may be getting a bunny some time in the near future.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekly Roundup Via the Camera Roll

We had a few sickie days, 
consisting of lots of rest and giving each other the stink eye.
Then we felt better and got back to our silly selves.
We did some work on operation income suite.
We put the finishing touches on the living room.
Now we're just waiting on carpet.
We spent a much needed day outside, soaking up the warm sun.
You spent the night at Nana's house.  And woke up with some curly hair.
...So that Momma and Daddy could have a much needed date night.
We said goodbye to a pesky pet.  
A nice lady with way more patience than us adopted her.
See ya later kitty.  You sure were cute but this was the tenth last straw.
We ate all the meat.
your Auntie Sarah did a number on those ribs, 
but you were pretty interested.

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