Friday, August 24, 2012

Income Suite Ideas

Paint Colour

Living Room

Taupe Fedora by Benjamin Moore

Decatur Buff by Benjamin Moore


Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore

Woodlawn Blue or Sea Glass by Benjamin Moore


Dune Grass by Benjamin Moore

Flooring Ideas

We've already decided that we're going to put carpet in the bedroom and living room.  Since it is a basement, it will be level and nice and warm.

Love this! It may be a little dark for a basement but the texture is bang on.
 For the kitchen and dining room I would LOVE to put in cork floors because they're green and beautiful, BUT...and that's a big but...they are pretty costly.  We will probably just go with a nice laminate.

PLEASE PLEASE can we get cork?!

...It will most likely be something like this...

The bathroom will either be ceramic tile or we might even flow the laminate from the dining room right in there.

xo, Kiara

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  1. Hi Kiara. Where is the coffee table in the first picture from? Thanks!