Monday, January 2, 2012

18 Weeks

 How far along?  18 weeks
Total weight gain:  10 lbs
Maternity clothes: The comfiest, warmest pants I can find.  After attempting to fit into dressy holiday clothes all week, I need a break!
Stretch marks: no
Sleep: I have so much energy now that it's hard to fall asleep some nights.  I'm using a body pillow to support my belly now.  Hubby still loves life. ;)
Best moment this week: Our first ultrasound!!  Seeing our not so little anymore baby kicking and punching and sucking it's thumb was totally surreal for me.
Missing anything? Skinny jeans.
Movement:  Lots of inside movement since the ultrasound.  Mostly when I'm lying in bed at night or in the mornings when I'm hungry.
Cravings:  Nothing really huge this week, although I love shrimp anything lately and Harvey's poutine.
Anything making you queasy? Raw meat... I'm feeling pretty happy with being partially vegetarian for a bit still.  Other than that my queasy level is definitely on the decline.
Gender: Since baby was being so stubborn on the day of the ultrasound, we were unable to tell the sex just yet.  I still think it's a boy.  We'll see in a couple more weeks!
Labour Signs: no
Symptoms:  I'm like the energizer bunny lately.  P can barely keep up with me and I was still the last one dancing at the New Years Eve party.  I'm sure this won't last forever, but I'm liking it.
Belly button: In, but starting to look a little shallow.
Emotions:  Happy and just overall content and relaxed.
Excited for: Grocery shopping tonight... and feeling good enough to start trying new recipes and cooking meals again!

Our Ultrasound was pretty exciting since it was the first time we got to see our little one.  Baby was moving all over the place and it was surprising that I couldn't feel it at all.  The tech said everything looked great. The spine, brain and heart were all normal and healthy.  The little fingers were the cutest part.  I think the baby has my nose already.

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