Friday, August 24, 2012

Sleep Training Success!

     I literally had to run over to my MacBook and type this out right away because I can't even believe what I have just accomplished.  C is fast asleep at 6:50 pm.  Not only is she asleep but she fell asleep on her own, without even a single peep.  I had to go check on her because it just felt too weird and too good to be true.  But yes, ohhhh yes, it's true!

     Since attending the sleep seminar, C and I have been working really hard at getting a good nap schedule going.  It's been three days and she's happier than ever, falling asleep on her own, and sleeping through the night.  And not just 5 hours "through the night", like the entire night... a whole 12-13 hours.  What 3 month old does that?!

    So either we're really lucky, or all of the research I've done has seriously paid off.  It's probably a combination of both.  Either way, sleep training works for easy babies.

     These are the things I think have helped the most:

  • Continuous White Noise - we now use an old radio set to static, and it's fairly loud.  I know some people think it's creepy and it attracts ghosts or whatever, but seriously bring on the ghosts, my kid sleeps through the night.  It's also good for naps because I can be a little more carefree around the house and she doesn't wake up.  Or get this... SoundSpa.
  • Consistent Naps - C is never awake longer than 2 hours... she is usually napping again by an hour and 45 at the latest.
  • Big Feeding before bed.  I usually don't feed C after her last nap and until she is ready for bed.  Get her nice and full so she sleeps all night.
That's all folks... again...Hope it helps!

xo, Kiara

p.s. I am rewarding myself with a glass of wine...(probably a bottle)

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