Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kitchen Karma

     When we started house hunting back in February, I knew I wanted a house that I could make into a home.  I didn't want a house that was brand new, or already finished because I wanted to do the work and make it my own.  Of course, I had a few ideas of what I wanted structurally, but nothing too concrete.

     When we first saw our house on MLS we passed on it right away because the pictures were hideous.  Then P decided to go check it out without me.  Good thing he did because he knew it was the one after the first walk through.  I saw it a few days later and I was sold as soon as I saw the kitchen.  Tip of the day : don't judge a house based on crappy website photos.

     Months earlier, I started doing what everyone does when they're excited about something...  PINNING everything to do with it.

     I found a pin of what my idea of a beautiful kitchen was.  I found this pin months before we even started looking at houses.  Actually, up until a few days ago, I completely forgot about the pin.

My kitchen is on the left....the pin is on the right.
Kinda crazy right?!

     I guess when you know what you want, and you think about it enough, things just kind of fall into place.  Obviously it's not exact, and the shelves aren't filled with all the cute things like the kitchen in the pin, but this is how I'm going to kick start Thrifty Thursday.

I'll be on the hunt for...

ceramic & silver tea pots
white cups & saucers
silver butter dish
terracotta flower pots
distressed wood bread box
small silver serving trays
white wicker plant basket
wood cutting board
barnwood for art 

xo, Kiara

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