Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby Daze

Sometimes I like to reassure myself that I'm not completely insane by googling things like "easiest way to clean bottles" or "4 month old feeding schedule" because I really have no idea what I'm doing.
Most of the time, I wing it and hope for the best, because, dare I say it, google isn't always right.
It's still pretty unfathomable that I'm a parent.  I kind of can't believe that I've been given such a major responsibility.  This is what a pretty successful average day looks like for us.

What C's Up To:

7:00am: "Wake up mom!!"
7:30am: She scarfs down 2 tbsp of bananas, 1 tbsp of oatmeal, and a 6oz bottle (umm, fatso!) before I can even get a cup of coffee into me.
8:00am: Morning nap... also when mom crawls back into bed if she's feeling extra lazy.
9:00am: "Wake up mom!!"
9:30am: Play time! Consisting of the exhausting Exersaucer, the swing of neglect, and the I-just-slept-12-hours-on-my-tummy tummy time.
12:00pm: Mid day nap
2:00pm: "I'm up! You should have been waiting by my door!!"
2:30pm: She downs 2tbsp of carrots, some barley cereal and a 6oz bottle.
3:00pm: We usually have some sort of outing... a walk to the grocery store, playtime at the park, or if I'm being super mom, I roll her up to the garden in her stroller to stare at the roses.
4:00pm: Afternoon nap
5:00pm: "Can't you hear me talking to myself?!"
5:30pm: I force her to eat some sweet potato or introduce a new veggie or fruit...she hates it.
5:45pm: Dad gets home for playtime...finally!!
6:00pm: Bathtime, story time, 6oz bottle time.
6:30pm: I get her into her sleep sack and it's blinds closed, sound machine on, lights out.
5:00am: "Hellooo, I'm freakin thirsty over here!" and I nurse her back to sleep.
5:10am: Out cold.
7:00am:  "wake up!! let's do it all again!"

Once C's asleep, I tidy up around the house, scrub out her bottles, and fill them with boiled water for the next day.  I find it easier to add the formula to each bottle as I need it.  I get whatever vegetable or fruit out of the freezer for the next day or whip up my own stuff in the baby bullet.

Finally, it's down time for the hubs and I.  And by down time I mean slaving away in the basement, working on Operation Income Suite.  Or if it's the weekend, I polish off a bottle of wine and/or Kraken and attempt to drywall and paint some stuff.

So impressed about the drywall dust.
Do work: our motivation
The days that I put the most effort into scheduling, oddly eoungh tend to be the most disorganized and frantic days.  I've learned to let go (some days) and let things happen.  Our fly by the seat of your pants days are usually the most fun.  The hard part is telling the type A personality in me to shut up and go with it.  I use the Baby Connect App to track C's naps and feedings so I can free my brain of the daunting task.

xo,  Kiara

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