Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baby R is 9 Months Old

Heyyy girl!  We are so BFF's now.  I feel like we are really starting to understand each other.  Except of course when I do things like... change your clothes, make you eat lunch when your favourite show (Octonauts) is on, wake you up from your morning nap, or take my winter boot away from you while you're treating them like an ice cream cone... salty huh.  Other than that we are clearly infatuated with each other.

You are such a smart little girl already.  Even though your vocabulary consists of Dada, very rarely Momma, and I'm noticing a hint of the word Cat, which sounds very similar to what we think is Hi, I know you understand a whole lot more.  You absolutely understand when I tell you no, because you get a ridiculously cute pout on.  You give high fives, you wave hello and goodbye,  you can turn off light switches and open and close doors, regardless of whether your fingers happen to be in the way.  That's always fun.

You're a super speedy crawler, especially towards the stairs, and you can take one unassisted step to grab onto another piece of furniture without even falling.  You love swimming, going for walks and spending time at Nana's.

You're pretty much eating most of whatever we eat for dinner.  You eat chunks of fruit, chicken, meatballs, yogurt and waffles.  But by far your favourite snack is cheese.  I wonder where you got that from...hint...rhymes with Faddy.

You are blowing your Daddy and I away with cuteness and how much personality you've developed.  It's like you changed overnight, and when we woke up you were this sassy character. Keep up that darling head tilt you do and you'll have Daddy buying you a car in no time.

This month you started sleeping through the night... THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  
And you also got your first cold. :(

You weigh 21lbs.  You wear size 4 diapers, and size 12-18 month clothes.

I Love you babes
xoxo, Momma

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