Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm Alive and Kicking.

     Just popping in to say Hey! and let you peeps know that I do still own a computer, I just don't own a life anymore.

     I will hopefully be throwing up a couple new posts sometime this weekend when I get a second to sit down and digest the fact that my maternity leave has prematurely ended and instead of taking care of one baby, I am now attempting to impart wisdom on 24 other babies. Yikes! Who hired me?!

     Things I will be talking about include; why it's important to read the baby books before you actually have the baby, how insane it is to be a full time mom and a full time employee, and how sleep schedules change and as a mom you're supposed to adapt to that (who knew?! little buggers, they are)  Also, C's nine Month Post will hopefully be up before she hits 10 months.

     Side note:  Thank you for all of your amazing comments on my posts on Instagram and Facebook! I really had no idea anyone was actually reading my excessive rants, let alone enjoying them.  I keep posting mainly to keep my thoughts in check...hence why I disappear when I have zero time for thoughts.

Welp See Ya Later!

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