Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekly Roundup Via the Camera Roll

We had a few sickie days, 
consisting of lots of rest and giving each other the stink eye.
Then we felt better and got back to our silly selves.
We did some work on operation income suite.
We put the finishing touches on the living room.
Now we're just waiting on carpet.
We spent a much needed day outside, soaking up the warm sun.
You spent the night at Nana's house.  And woke up with some curly hair.
...So that Momma and Daddy could have a much needed date night.
We said goodbye to a pesky pet.  
A nice lady with way more patience than us adopted her.
See ya later kitty.  You sure were cute but this was the tenth last straw.
We ate all the meat.
your Auntie Sarah did a number on those ribs, 
but you were pretty interested.

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