Tuesday, July 2, 2013

C's First Birthday and Final Blog Post (for now...)

The day is finally here...

Looking back, I can't even believe we survived...
Let the party begin!
Incredibly delicious pink ombre cake and cupcakes courtesy of C's favourtie Auntie.

Smash cake time!!

Not exactly the excitement level I anticipated here...


I am giving you permission to destroy that cake...

...and she eats it neatly.

I still can't believe I wasn't a sobbing hot mess the entire day.
I guess I have wine/beer/kraken to thank for dulling my emotions.

She had a blast the entire day and got completely and utterly spoiled by all her peeps.

On a side note...

Next month, I will be making the leap from part to full-time at a job that I have grown to love, and C will be starting pre-school.  I'm going to assume that since I don't already, I probably won't have enough time to wash my hair let alone write blogs.  That makes this here, my last post until the time comes to post updates about Baby R number 2, whenever that may be.
It has been a pretty awesome year and 9 months.  I hope that one day C can read back on my posts and get a kick out of them, and I hope even more that she doesn't disown me after.


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