Saturday, December 10, 2011

15 Weeks

How far along?  15 weeks
Total weight gain:  5 + lbs
Maternity clothes: Still just tights and yoga pants, no success trying to fit into my jeans this week.
Stretch marks: no
Sleep: sleeping great, still waking up once or twice to pee.
Best moment this week: Having to do a double take in the mirror.  I can't believe how much bigger I've gotten in just a week.
Missing anything?  Going out with friends, checking out live music, the bar scene in general.
Movement:  small movements, feels like a butterfly and makes me smile really big.
Cravings:  jalapeno poppers! and Cora's breakfast.
Anything making you queasy?  still red meat and coffee... definitely not as queasy as before though.  Pete's having a great time being patient while I decide what I can even stomach.
Gender: still impatiently waiting to find out!
Labour Signs: no
Symptoms: stretching and pulling in my belly, like there's a lot going on in there now.
Belly button: In
Emotions:  Really really happy and excited to get together with family and friends for the holidays.
Excited for: House hunting and finally seeing baby for the first time.

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