Monday, January 23, 2012

21 Weeks

Baby Repa is a GIRL!

How far along?  21 weeks
Total weight gain:  16lbs (holllyyyy thanks to the holidays!)
Maternity clothes: A few maternity shirts, now my belly doesn't stick out of the bottom like those fat, old men walking around this city.  They make me physically angry...if I can find clothes that fit, so can you! (prego rant for the day)
Stretch marks: no
Sleep: Still sleeping great.
Best moment this week:  Finding out that we are having a daughter and seeing how full and fat she looks.  The tech said she's 90% sure we have a baby girl.  Explains why she was so stubborn last time. I can't wait to put together a million little cute outfits. There's so many more things to be excited about baby girl's first bathing suits!!
Missing anything? my invite to our annual girls weekend in Darien Lake... I guess no one wants to be my labour coach on the floor of a trailer.  :(
Movement:  Baby girl is dancin' up a storm in there!  I can see her kicks from the outside if I stay real still.
Cravings:  Brownies, waffle bowl sundaes, cinnabons.
Anything making you queasy? Nope
Gender: Girl!
Labour Signs: no
Symptoms:  Mild hip pain if I stay on one side for too long.
Belly button: Getting shallower by the day.
Emotions:  Ecstatic and really warm and fuzzy.
Excited for:  Shopping!! and updating my registry for our little girl!

Baby Girl is as long as a carrot!

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