Sunday, January 29, 2012

22 Weeks & Nursery

How far along?  22 weeks
Total weight gain:  15lbs
Maternity clothes:  Yes! they are saving my life. Keeping my boobs contained is another story.
Stretch marks: No, finished my second bottle of bio oil.  Fingers crossed!
Sleep: Still sleeping great.
Best moment this week: Deciding on Baby girl's name. I've been talking to her and saying her name and it fits perfect! I'm in love.  We're keeping it a secret until she arrives ;) muahaha!
Missing anything? Captain Morgan's and Coke, funneling beer and mmmm..  sushi.
Movement: Lots of strong kicks and punches.  Baby girl started dancing to the Beatles...well, she pretty much rocks out to all music.
Cravings: Cheesies, Multi-grain Cheerios and anything chocolate.
Anything making you queasy?  nope!
Gender: Girl
Labour Signs: No, trying not to complain about the muscle aches, which will be nothing compared to labour.
Symptoms:  ligament pains and cramps.  She doesn't seem to care, she still kicks the crap outta me even though I'm hurting. I can't complain, I love feeling her move.
Belly button: In, but I can now see to the back of it for the first time in my life.  Cleaned out some super old fluff. ew
Emotions:  extra super happy!
Excited for:  Finishing my baby registry at Babies R Us.... It's actually been a blast.

Baby weighs ONE whole pound!

Baby Girl's Nursery Design
     This is what we've come up with so far for the nursery.  Which we're not even sure where the nursery will be, either here or in our new house, but at least we have ideas.  I have a feeling that I'll still be getting it ready when I go into labour.  Some of the items are from Sears and some are from Babies R Us...all on our case you were wondering ;).  You can check out all the hard work I put into carefully selecting really important things like diaper wipes and nipple cream... :S  It seriously took me hours!  Here are the links...

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