Sunday, March 25, 2012

30 Weeks

How far along?  30 weeks
Total weight gain:  24lbs
Maternity clothes:  oh yes, and some large sized spring stuff.
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Sleeping great
Best moment this week: Getting out for a long walk and enjoying the warm weather
Missing anything? Bbq hot dogs!
Movement: Lots! and she likes to cram her feet or arms up underneath my rib cage and make me squirm.
Cravings: Hot dogs
Anything making you queasy? Nothing
Gender: Girl
Labour Signs: Lots of braxton hicks...getting some practice in before the big day.
Symptoms: Feeling awesome.  A little emotional lately.
Belly button: Still flat... I'm wondering if it's going to pop out or stay flat.
Emotions:  Anxious.  10 weeks to go!
Excited for:  BBQ's in our new backyard!
Baby weighs three whole pounds!

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