Sunday, April 1, 2012

31 Weeks

...Baby Repa is HUGE! ... or...Maybe we're having twins after all....Yikes!
How far along?  31 weeks
Total weight gain:  24lbs
Maternity clothes:  yup!
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Sleeping great
Best moment this week: Checking out the Maya exhibit in T.O and finally eating the hot dog I've wanted from Memphis Fire BBQ... this might just be the highlight of my life up until now! ...or at least it felt that way at the time.
Movement: Lots of movement...especially when she hears the Beatles.. I'm going to miss feeling her moving around inside.
Cravings: Fish & Chips
Anything making you queasy? Nothing
Gender: Girl
Labour Signs: none this week...although I tricked Dad into thinking I was in labour for April Fools Day... seriously not nice.
Symptoms: Feeling really good... I can't believe baby girl will be here in 9 weeks.  Time is flying by.
Belly button: Flat as a pancake.
Emotions:  Anxious ... excited to move and finally get baby girl's nursery in order so I can relax.  Other than that I feel pretty amazing.  I've loved being pregnant and I'm really lucky that I feel so great.
Excited for:  Getting my crib and putting it together.

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