Saturday, April 14, 2012

Labour Scare & Awesome Surprise!

     The last 24 hours have been a big insane jumble of emotions for us.  At around 3pm on Thursday I started having contractions, which I thought were just some pretty intense Braxton Hicks contractions at first.  We decided I should go in and get checked out around 5 o'clock when they got a little worse.  They admitted me right away and hooked me up and checked me and saw that I was dilated to 1cm.  Which wasn't a big deal at this point as long as I didn't progress and further.  They decided to monitor me for another 4 hours to see if I dilated any more.  In the mean time I continued to have pretty strong contractions every minute, lasting about a minute long.  I was in the first stages of real labour.  Real contractions are nothing at all like the Braxton Hicks that I've been feeling for a month now.  My belly was rock hard and distorted and the pain radiated into my hips and back.  

     After an ultrasound, some bloodwork and a steroid shot to strengthen baby girls lungs in case she was born that night, they checked me again and I was dilated about .5cm further.  This is when I started to panic and they told me they would be keeping me over night.  I was an emotional wreck and all I could think about was how she wasn't ready yet, we weren't ready yet.  I just couldn't get the thought of our sweet baby girl coming out at 4lbs.  Which is what they guessed she would weigh at 32 weeks.  The doctors did everything to make sure that wouldn't happen.  They gave me medicinal patches to lower my blood pressure, stop the contractions, and hopefully prevent active labour.  I was admitted over night and sent Dad home to get some stuff for us and prepare for whatever was going to happen.  At this point we didn't even have diapers or a blanket for her... we expected to have another 8 weeks to prepare for this night.  

     Over the next 6 hours I had contractions that were definitely getting worse, and a million thoughts rushing through my head.  Eventually exhausted, with Dad trying to get some rest in a really uncomfortable looking recliner beside me, my contractions lessened and I fell asleep for an hour or so.  When I woke up my contractions had stopped and they unhooked me from the monitors so I could get some rest.  After a couple hours of light sleep the nurses came in to remove one patch at a time and see if I was going to start having contractions again.  This was our moment of truth. 

     They sent me for another ultrasound to make sure I hadn't dilated any further and to check on our baby girl.  This was what felt like the best morning of my life so far.  I hadn't dilated any further and we were told that our little one wasn't as little as we had worried about.  She is about 5lbs now, with a full head of fluffy looking hair, my nose of all...she's in the perfect position with her head down, but not too low.  They decided she was happy and content with sticking around for at least a little longer.  I sobbed and laughed and felt big time relieved.

And...they gave me food... :):)

     Later that afternoon, I got a second steroid shot for her lungs just in case she decided to try to come early again, and we were sent home for some much needed rest.

     What a crazy, eye-opening experience.  I guess I never realized how quickly things can change and how just because you picture in your head how things are going to happen, doesn't mean they will always work out that way.  We are just so lucky and grateful that Baby Girl is going to have a little longer inside to fatten up. ...I guess I really wasn't ready to let her go yet.

     We're also extremely lucky to have such supportive people in our lives.  Without you guys and your positive thoughts, I would be an even bigger wreck than I already am sometimes.  I'm so grateful for every one of you.  Most importantly, I've watched a boy turn into a brilliantly supportive and understanding man over the last year.  You've completely blown any expectations that I thought I'd had of the father of my babies out of the water.  I can't thank you enough for giving me the life I've always dreamed of.  <3

On a happier note... 

     When we got home from the hospital there was a package waiting for us outside our door.  It was a gift from my Aunt & Uncle.  She must have known that I'd need a little uplifting that night because when I opened the package, I started sobbing at all the cute outfits she had gotten Baby Girl...things that she wouldn't even have come close to fitting in if she had been born the night before.  These are the CUTEST onesies I have ever seen and totally my style....can't wait to put a chubby baby into them!  

LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT! ...elephants are my favourite!


love the ruffles on her bum! ...  and JEANS!

so sweet...

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