Monday, April 9, 2012

Hi Baby

Sweet Baby Girl,
The day when I finally get to meet you is growing closer. I know you're probably feeling pretty crowded in there but I'm not ready for you to leave my belly so soon.  This short time in your life when I get you all to myself has sped by too fast, and although I can't wait to see if you have your Daddy's beautiful eyes, I'm afraid I'm going to miss our alone time.  You seem to be enjoying yourself in there so feel free to stay tucked away until you're nice and ready to meet your world.  Your Daddy will be painting your nursery soon so we can help you feel warm and welcome in our new home.  He loves you so much and I can tell that you already have him wrapped around your little finger.  He read you your first bed time story the other night and you must love hearing his voice because you get really calm and relaxed when he talks to you.   
The three of us are already something special.
Love, Momma

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