Friday, May 25, 2012

38 Weeks

How far along?  38 weeks... 10 days today till my due date!
Total weight gain:  30lbs
Maternity clothes:  Nothing fits! not even my maternity clothes...but I refuse to buy anything new until it's something cute once i get my old body back.
Stretch marks: Still nothing :)
Sleep: Sleeping okay with lots of pillows in the right places.
Best moment this week: Going into labour... 2 days ago I was in the beginning stages of early labour...dilated to 3cm and experiencing some VERY intense contractions...since then things have slowed, now we wait.  :S
Movement: Still tonnes of movement... she doesn't even stop when I'm all contracted.. I think she's already competitive like her dad.  She just pushes right back against the contractions.
Cravings: None... not much of an appetite lately.  Just very thirsty.  (for beer)
Anything making you queasy? YES.. labour pains.
Gender: Girl
Labour Signs: Intense back and groin pain, contractions every minute, lasting about 40 seconds long.... and then out of nowhere it decides to just stop and let me carry on with my day.
Symptoms: Pain and discomfort... I know it will all totally be worth it :)
Belly button: Still flat... I wonder how it will ever go back to normal.
Emotions:  Excited!! Baby girl could be here any day now.  Can't wait to meet her.
Excited for:  My water to break!

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