Tuesday, May 29, 2012

39 Weeks

Baby Girl probably weighs around 7 or 8 lbs...Yikes!
How far along?  39 weeks
Total weight gain:  32lbs
Maternity clothes:  I've given up... I'm just naked all the time.  If i have to go out I'm sure I fit right in with my track pants and belly hanging out like the old drunken men that walk the streets of downtown.
Stretch marks: No and No! I'm determined to salvage the last few drops of bio oil that I have left.
Sleep: Not sleeping good at all... last night I set the record and got up to use the bathroom 12 times!...that's right 12 whole times! it's hard enough to roll myself out of bed one time... I'm a very unpleasant woman right now.
Best moment this week: Accepting that my sweet little babe will come when she's ready.  Not that this waiting is getting any easier, but at least now that I've accepted that she is maximum 3 weeks away at very very most, I'm just going with it and trying to keep comfortable.
Movement: Lots still.  I can tell she is very cramped though.
Cravings: Gatorade 24/7
Anything making you queasy? no
Gender: Girl
Labour Signs: My days are full of Braxton Hicks contractions, After last week I never thought I'd want to feel the pain of real contractions again but I'm actually hoping they turn into the fun kind every time now!
Symptoms: Discomfort... just an overall LARGE feeling. ha :)
Belly button: Still flat
Emotions:  Very Excited and Anxious!
Excited for:  Sharing Baby Girl's name with everyone.  It's been a long 9 months of pestering and I'm sooo sooo ready to spill it!

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