Monday, August 13, 2012

C's Nursery & Her Favourite Things

Here it is!  The only freshly painted and finished room in our entire house.  She was spoiled before she was even born.  I wanted to keep it simple, clean and most importantly, functional.


I refinished the change table that was a gift from P's aunt, and painted it white.  I also refinished the toy chest that was a gift from my Mom.
I wanted a really simple white crib and this one was perfect, also a gift from my Mom.
A few cute accessories and of course, Sophie, who is C's favourite right now.

 And a few things that C loves and that have maintained our sanity over the past couple months.

This is the Fisher Price I Luv U Zoo Swing... it's by far the best investment we've made as far as baby gear.  C hangs out in it for hours at a time, watching the mobile and listening to the awesome music.  Around 6 weeks old, when she went through a rough patch where she didn't want to nap, we would put her in her swing and she would fall asleep with a smile on her face.

Her Bumbo chair.  She can finally sit up in it for about 5 minutes before she gets tired.  It's quite the work out for her tiny muscles.  I just think it's cute.

Her Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium is awesome.  We bought it for her around the fussy 6 week mark because we were desperate.  It worked for a couple of days until she caught on, so we gave it a break for a while.  She's right back into it now and loves it for morning naps.
This is the exact moment that C focused on something for the first time.  We call it her Lion.  It is also the first toy she ever smiled at and she still loves it.

Sleep Sheep.  Enough said.... no, but this little guy is the reason C falls asleep every night and it's also the reason that Mommy and Daddy are loving parenthood.  THE BEST!

C loves being read to.  Her favourite books right now are Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See and The Gruffalo.  When I'm feeling sappy I read her Love You Forever and when I'm feeling impatient I read her Go the F*#k to Sleep (minus the swears... because how horrible would it be if her first word was bulls*#t?).
C is the happiest baby in town.  We could not have lucked out more with our first child.  She's the reason I bug Daddy every day to make her a little brother or sister.  He has to cave eventually, right?

xo Kiara

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  1. My niece loved Sophie too! That toy is gold for babies. That nursery looks awesome - I especially like the refinished toy chest! Great work