Sunday, August 12, 2012

Revamped Blog

     With it being Sunday Funday and all, I figure it's more than appropriate to whip out the new blog today.  So here it is!  First, let me explain why I've given my 'baby blog' a makeover.  Aside from the obvious, I'm no longer preggers (and I can't even begin to tell you how sad I am about that...bring on baby number 2),  I wanted to start rambling on about the other trouble I've been getting myself into lately.  I guess blogging is kind of like a new hobby for me...because being a mom clearly leaves so much free time for hobbies.  But whatever, if anything, maybe it will keep me sane.

     I haven't really narrowed down specifics as to what this blog will be about, so expect random, untimely posts on whatever agrees with my OCD & Type A personality at the time.  Other things you can expect; way too many cute baby pics, any renovating, DIY, and craft projects that I manage to successfully accomplish around the house, and possibly a few not-so-professional, but worthy fashion & beauty attempts that I'm somewhat proud of.

Little Ball Life is the everyday life of two little balls just trying to stay busy and have some fun.

     I should probably give a quick disclaimer to protect myself and anyone who reads this...

     I am not a professional blogger, nor do I have anything close to a degree in journalism.  Most of my words are sporadic thoughts that jump in my head, and I write them without any time to really think them through.  Lastly and most importantly, Wine and Caffeine will without a doubt be the biggest contributor to this blog.

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