Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Little Change Goes a Long Way

I came across this picture the other day and thought to myself...

So of course, I had to get the hubby to wake up early, before he went to work (he loves me), to help me rearrange our room.
 Here is what we accomplished! (Apologies for the dark pics, but you get the point.)

Makeshift Vanity... Eventually I'll be refinishing this...and buying a real stool.

We're pretty happy with the results.  Now all that we have left to do is...

Paint Trim & Walls
Refinish ALL furniture (yikes big job) & mirror frame
Add some better art
Add some better framed pictures
Buy a small bench for in between the vanity and dresser  
... keep alive the floor plant that the hubs is bringing me home (I'm the furthest thing from a botanist)

     I'm trying to keep in mind that this is our temporary bedroom until we have Thing 2.  After which, we'll be moving to the main floor, into a bigger bedroom, and away from the crying. (he! kidding kinda)

     We aren't planning on splurging on anything new until operation income suite is complete, hence the second hand furniture from our old party apartment & horrible decor, so for now I'm just making it comfortable & functional.  The sheer fact that we even own a house is a blessing.

xo, Kiara

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