Monday, September 24, 2012

e.l.f. Makeup Review

     I know it's not quite Hallowe'en yet, but it's about to get scary up in here.

     I recently impulse bought a tonne of e.l.f products online because, one; how convenient is it that I needed new makeup the same day my mat. cheque got deposited into my bank account, and two; C probably won't want to go to college anyway, so who's needs a savings account...totally kidding.

     I tried not to over do it, but everything by e.l.f is super inexpensive, and let's eyeslipsface it, sometimes I buy a lot of something that I don't need just because it's on sale.  After a week of obsessively checking the mailbox, so that I could get to my loot before the hubby did,  it showed up in my living room this morning, in the hands of a not so impressed looking man.  Sorry! but not that sorry.

So $43.00 and some free shipping later, and here's what I ended up with...

I haven't been this excited since I fit into my pre-preggers skinny jeans!

Because I need this many brushes, because I'm a professional... no, but they were $12.

Pumped about this high def powder.

Mineral Infused Face Primer ($6)  :  blah blah mineral whatever.  This primer is a gel.  I put it on after my usual Nivea moisturizer.  It basically soaks up any left over oil from your moisturizer and leaves your skin feeling silky.    

Flawless Finish Foundation ($6): I used a foundation brush to apply this foundation using upward strokes.  It was soft and matched my skin colour.  It also didn't leave my skin too dry like I find to be the case with most foundations.

High Definition Powder ($6) : My usual powder is Make Up Forever HD from Sephora ($32).  This powder is so similar that if you switched the container I wouldn't know the difference.  It gave me the matte look that I love.
This is Fun!
 I'm horrible at doing eye makeup and this is everything you need for a smoky eye look and it's easy!  The eyeshadow blended well, the eyeliner was foolproof, and the mascara was pretty decent and not clumpy at all.

Nude Nail Polish $2.00 and Ballet Slippers Lip Gloss $3.00

I love nude nail polish! This polish goes on amazing for a cheap $2 deal and with a decent top coat I'm thinking it will last.  They have a sweet assortment of colours too.

The Glossy Gloss goes on thick, but I like that occasionally because it lasts.  It also smells amazing.

This is where it gets scary... 
WARNING - some images may be disturbing.

Dear lord it hurts to look...
That's better! minus the weirdo grin

The smoky eye look is more for a 'Tequila Tuesday' night out.  There are a few other "get the look" sets that are more natural and day time friendly... you know... for 'Sangria Sunday' afternoons.

Note:  I'm pretty sure I woke up with some sort of flu this morning, hence the pale, clammy undertone to my skin.  I guess I picked a bad day for a trial run, but you get the point.  Also, e.l.f did not sponsor this post in any way, but if they would like to give me some free stuff for saying all kinds of nice things about their products, I probably wouldn't turn it down. :)

xo,  Kiara

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  1. I'm just loving how you're giving these nights themes! "Tequila Tuesday" "Sangria Sundays"...I love it!

    I love the smokey eye look on you!