Thursday, November 15, 2012

Basic Turkey Tacos

Normally I hate food that you have to build yourself.  Tacos are the exception.  
They're simple, and you can load them up with anything really.

The Goods:

Flour Tortillas
1lb Ground Turkey
1 Pkg Taco Seasoning
Shredded lettuce
Chopped cilantro
Diced red pepper
Diced tomato
Chopped green onion
Shredded Cheese
Sour Cream (or Greek Yogurt for a healthier substitute)
Sometimes I throw some black beans in there too

Make It:
  1. Brown ground turkey in a large pan.
  2. Stir in Taco Seasoning and some water.
  3. Warm tortillas.
  4. Fill with yummy toppings, wrap, and enjoy!

xo,    Kiara

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