Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby R is 6 Months Old

My sweet girl, 

You are one half of a year old today.  I feel like you've been in our lives forever because I can't picture one second of my life without you in it.  We're bffs, attached at the hip, two peas in a pod, except that you hate peas.  We have an inside joke going about Daddy's funny moustache that he grew for Movember, and a few others too.  We get each other.  And I know someday that will change, but for now I live for your cuddles in the mornings and your silly little laugh.

Some new things you're doing now:

you sit up completely on your own
you hold your own bottle
you're becoming a pro at downward dog
you're sneezing and snotting all over the place, you got your first cold :(
you recognize your friends and your favourite songs
you sleep through the night
you reach out and pet the cats when they walk by

Reading about Christmas baking!
Nope! Not a big fan of peas.
Play Time
I don't need you, I can feed myself now. :(
You weigh 17 pounds and you only fit in 12 month clothing
Your favourite foods are pears and carrots
Your daddy is your favourite person in the world, you get really excited and light up when he's around...
Mommy and Nana are a close second and third.

Love you little ball,
so so much.

xo, Momma


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