Thursday, December 20, 2012

Momma's Wish List

     Obviously, since having the babe, we are on a pretty tight budget.  Except when it comes to her of course.  She gets the best of the best and we eat frozen pizza.  That's just how it is and I'm more than willing to give up luxuries to give C everything under the sun.

     It's expected that our first year as parents will be a pretty frugal one.  Especially since we didn't exactly plan for it. I decided to quit my job and take a full year of maternity leave and without my chunk of income, the hubs has been working his little butt off to give us everything we need.

     I know that money doesn't equal happiness, so as long as C has 37 new toys that she can completely forget about in a week, I'm happy.  We are very blessed.  This is my dream wish list.  Did I mention how we think we'll be teaching C the value of money and responsibility if she pays for her own post secondary education?  You know, so mommy can shop.

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