Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Reminiscing on my Nursing Days

     C is basically her own person now, ready to venture out into this cruel world and kick some major ass.  Not really, but that's how it feels.  When I think back to the days when she relied on me for milk and compare them to now, it feels like she's shipping off to college.  It's awesome how breastfeeding really does make you the single most important person in your babies life.

     I loved my nursing days.  I had massive boobs, and I'm pretty sure it was solely responsible for helping me drop all my baby weight.  Oh, and more importantly... it created a strong bond and a connection with C that no one else would ever have blah blah blah.

     Part of me wishes I could have held out a little longer, when I think back on the day that I decided to start supplementing.  I wrote about that here.  Just because, how cool/weird would it be to breastfeed a six month old baby?!  It's blowing my mind even thinking about it.  She totally knows what's going on now.  I wonder if she'd be grabbing my boob and holding it to her mouth like she does her bottle.  Or if she'd be fatter or sleep differently.

     I wonder if it will be a whole different story with my next baby.  If, because I already know what to expect, I'll hold out a little longer before I throw in the towel.  (And I'm not talking toddler stage, because that's just nuts)  I hope I will, if not only for selfish reasons, (ie. looking awesome in a strapless dress & saving a tonne of cash not having to buy insanely expensive formula), but for a new experience all together.

     That is, of course, if the hubs ever agrees to knock me up again.  It's a long shot that may only become a possibility if I drown him in Kraken and swear that we ran out of protection, and how inconvenient is it that the drug store is closed at that exact time??  Yeah... I've thought this through. haha

Anywho... here's a C pic update since it's been a while.

Who wants to breastfeed this toddler?  Slowwww down!

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