Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Before & After - Income Suite Bedroom & Bathroom

As mentioned in my previous post, we have finally completed the bedroom (minus carpet installation) and bathroom of Operation Income Suite.

We started gutting the income suite in April of 2012.  We were a little a lot more delayed than we expected due to unforeseen electrical problems, i.e. we had to completely rewire the basement and main floor, and not to mention all that baby raising we were doing.

But here it is all nice and pretty...

The Bedroom

All that's left is the finishing touches...
 carpet, closet doors and baseboard.
Paint Colour:  Benjamin Moore - Woodlawn Blue

"Man Cellar" with the shelves removed and a coat of masonry paint.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is our first 100% completed project.
I will probably add a few manly accents at some point.
I'm super jealous of this space.
Paint Colour:  Olympic - Quaking Grass

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