Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Playroom & Reclaimed Sanity

     This past weekend we worked our butts off to put the finishing touches on the bedroom and bathroom of Operation Income Suite.  We have officially reclaimed our entire main floor and we're starting to feel more like a family of three.  As much as we love Grandpa, we've been missing the perks of having our own home.  We forgot how much we really enjoy being able to walk around in our underwear, and I specifically love not having to close the bathroom door when I'm in there, although, the hubs isn't a huge fan.  For the first time since we bought our house, we have privacy and peace and quiet.  It's so so so nice.  I've been jumping for joy all week.

     We transformed the "dining room", or the room my Dad was occupying, into a much needed playroom for C.  It's a safe place for her to explore, and practice crawling and standing.  With C being extra curious and mobile lately, the room also doubles as a baby jail so that I can do really important things, like catch up on my missed episodes of Girls.

This is what we were working with before...
C looks contained in this pic showing how her playstuff took over our living room.
That probably lasted 3 minutes max before I was chasing her and pulling her away from the coffee table.

This is our living room now...
This will be the next room to get a makeover, but at least for now we have a place to hang out that's not cluttered with baby crap.

This is C's new playroom...
We ripped out the disgusting carpet, just like we did in the updated office.
Reading nook... what a fun word!
I scored this awesome baby gate off Kijiji for $25.
Sorry C, but the bathroom and stairs are off limits.

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