Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pregnancy Test & That's How I Feel About That

It was Negative. But what the hell 15 day late period?!
We even sat down and had the what if talk and everything before I took the test and the hubs reassured me that it would be okay if we were expecting again and that everything would work out.  We made it work the first time with little to no planning right?

I was a little bummed with the results, so I guess that says something about what I want next.  However, we decided we're not quite ready for baby #2, but we sure did entertain the idea.

I put a temporary (approximately 4 hour) hold on my craft room plans and day dreamed about a second nursery instead.

We talked about having kids close together but 17 months apart is a little too close for comfort. We'd need two cribs and I really didn't want to kill C's time in the spotlight so soon.  I just never imagined it happening that way.  Then again, I never imagined having a baby and owning a home at 24.

Next, I thought about how badly I'd like to be an avid beach participant this summer and being overweight, bitchy, and chasing after a one year old isn't exactly the image I had in mind.

Then I remembered this letter that I wrote to myself after giving birth, in case baby fever struck again.

In the end we left it at this...

We're not trying but we're not not trying, we'll just wait and see what fate has in store for us.

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