Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Teething Toys & Chilly Chewies

Teething is the most fun!... said no mom ever. 

     C's teeth started bothering her at around 3 months old and it's been downhill ever since, with no teeth in sight. To make matters worse, her first teeth, once they do cut trough will be her lateral incisors. Basically, the sharpest, spikiest and most painful teeth to cut first. Awesome.

     Although I hate to admit it, we've had no choice but to give C a dose of Tylenol or Advil every once in a while, if she absolutely cannot sleep despite our efforts. Our doc advised against homeopathic meds for several reason and I'm still not sure how we feel about them ourselves.

 The drugs help, obviously I limit the dosage and frequency, and we use them as our last resort.

These are the chew toys that have helped us survive the past few months:

1. Nuby Bug A Loop Teether
2. Bright Starts Clack and Slide Activity Ball
3. Bright Starts Take & Teeth Clover
4. Sassy Teething Feeder
5. Nuby Coolbite Teether

I've been looking in to teething tablets. Hopefully I'll finish up my research today and make a choice about whether to use them or not. 
Have any of you had experiences with them?

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  1. I believe my little man will be sprouting those evil but necessary chompers as well here very soon. He's been random when it comes to fussiness and that's unlike him so our guess is always potential teeth or gas. Or both. Fantastic. Good luck! I'll be thinking of you guys. Happy New Year!!