Monday, January 14, 2013

Updated Office on a Budget

     It was a typical Monday evening when I convinced the hubs to rip out the carpet in our main floor office. We had planned on chucking that hideous carpet since the day we decided on the house. I'm not sure exactly why we kept it for as long as we did. I guess we wanted to torture our eyeballs for a little longer.

     We tore that horrible mess up and kicked it to the curb, literally. That night, I jumped (on the newish looking hardwood) for joy. Actually, it created a spiral of weeklong renovations and upgrades that eventually made for a pretty exhausting weekend "off".

     After ripping out the hideous wallpaper, slapping a coat of paint on the walls and rearranging some furniture we're left with a mostly finished product that we love.
C loves it too!
I big time approve of the organized closet, which was beginning to make my right eye twitch.

Office To Do List:

Rip out hideous carpet
Tear down disgusting wallpaper
Prime & paint
Hang pictures
Tear out shelf in closet
Clean up & paint window sill
Print calendar
Thrift a home for printer
Buy desk lamps
Buy reading wall lamp & install
Install floating shelves & wood letters
Spray paint chalkboard paint accents

Okay, so there's still lots to do.  
I don't think we'll ever be able to look around and say 'we're done'.
Thank god (or whoever created it) for wine.

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