Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby R is 10 Months Old

     My little partner in crime, you are double digit months old already!  A year ago, this month, we were moving into our new home and decorating your nursery.  We were getting ready to welcome you into our lives.  

And today, you took your first steps.  And now I'm a sobbing mess, because I just can't believe what a little lady you've become.
I mean, WALKING??? Slow your role kiddo.

     Momma went back to work last month, and even though it was hard to be away from you at first, you seem to really love your new Nanny.  We still have our weekends together, and now mommy is able to build up your savings know, for that Cancun trip we will be taking one day.

     On the first nice day of spring, we took you for a hike to the golf course at the end of our street.  You crawled around on the grass and you weren't really sure what to make of it, but you loved the warm sunshine on your face.

     Momma and Daddy started planning your first birthday party this week.  We made some pretty special invitations so that all of your friends can help us celebrate.  Momma is working on an awesome gift for you.  I can't wait for you to see it.

     You now have a second tooth on the bottom and I noticed that you are cutting a top tooth too!  Probably any day now.  You are too cute with your two little bottom teeth.

     We had to put away all of your 9 month clothing and sleepers because you are just too big.  We even put away some 12 month sleepers too.  You are now wearing some 18 month clothes. Whoa!  ... did I mention you have a very healthy appetite?.

Love you C Bear,


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