Friday, April 12, 2013

100th Post

     I can't begin to thank you guys enough for encouraging me to keep this blog going and for sticking around to read it.

     When I started writing here, it was mostly out of boredom.  Being preggers, I wanted something to fill my time with, that obviously didn't involve my usual hobbies; drinking and hosting parties.  Now, I write to vent, organize my life, and preserve memories for C and our family.

     Thanks for following our half-assed attempts at parenting, and our what did we get ourselves into home renovations.

In honour of my 100th post...
a sneak peek at one of the pages from the Shutterfly Photobook that I'm making for C's First Birthday.
What do you think?...

top pic is me, middle pic is C, bottom pic is P

I crack up every time I look at that pic of the hubs.  Holyyyy chunkster, lay off the Oreos.

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