Monday, May 13, 2013

Backyard Summer Updates

Last weekend we finally tackled the massive junk pile that was slowly making its way up the side of our garage. 
 It was definitely a scene straight out of hoarders.

Apparently grass can't survive under a massive heap of carpet waste and scrap wood.
Who knew...
So we decided to put in a small patio.

And a garden box that will hopefully house some shade living plants and vegetables.

When I say "WE put in a patio", I of course mean the Hubs did, and I sat back while C napped and drank beer.

It was quite the process and I very easily understood the stink eye that I got when I mentioned that it should only take a few hours to install.

I clearly have no idea the amount of work involved in anything, and I have zero concept of time.

So here it is, all pretty and level.

Note the trailer full of junk to the left.  
A quick trip to the dump and $300 later and it should be nothing more than a vague haunting memory.

And my new sun loungers that I scored off Kijij for $40 each.

Next up...

actually plant some living things in that garden box
get a small fire pit
catch a sweet tan
find a deal on a couple of free standing hammocks
enjoy many Kraken and Cokes

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