Wednesday, February 19, 2014

11 Weeks

How far along?  11 weeks
Total weight gain:  2lbs
Maternity clothes:  Not yet, religiously wearing tights and yoga pants though.  I'm all about comfort now, especially with this bitter weather we've been having.
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Sleeping good.  Started using a body pillow, goodbye romance!  And already waking up to pee 900 times a night.
Best moment this week: Deciding that I am taking the entire month of August off to soak up the last days of summer and the last days of C being my only baby.  And now I'm crying... it really doesn't take much to turn me into a blubbering hot mess.
Movement: I KNOW I've felt a few flutters on occasion but it's hard to tell if it's actually movement or just gas.  They say you start to feel movement sooner the second time around, but I'm pretty sure 11 weeks is REALLY soon.  Probably just really farty. ;)
Cravings: Pepsi (like the last time), Cool Whip, Hot Peppers.
Anything making you queasy? Not anymore, coffee was a no go for a while, but I'M BAAAACK! Now load me up with all the caffeine and coffee creamers.  I've started up my collection again.
Gender: Unknown.
Labour Signs: No way, definitely forget what that feels like.  Of course, that's the only way I'd ever decide to do this a second time, right?
Symptoms: Moodiness.  I'm sorry.  I'm short, snippy, and VERY emotional.  I even had an entire day dedicated to 'where is my life going?', and then I was over it by bedtime.  Bear with me here, husband of mine.
Belly button: I can see to the back of it.  EW ...have I mentioned how much I freaking hate belly buttons.  I might just go ahead and delete this part of the questionnaire.  It's an ongoing thing in this household to poke your belly button when Mommy's looking so that she gets super freaked out.  They get me every time!
Emotions:  I'm on a roller coasted and I'm forcing everyone around me to ride.  Come on guys, it'll be fun, she said!
Excited for:  Deciding on a name for Baby Boy/ Girl!  We've chosen the same name whether we get a little he or she.  But of course you'll have to wait 6 more long months to hear it.  I'm so pumped for it and I feel exactly the same way that I felt once we decided on C's name.  Completely in love.

Baby is the size of a large Plum!

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