Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Oh hello, Spring. So nice of you to join us.  In honour of this beautiful weather that's been popping up randomly over the last couple weeks, I present to you... 
our my summer bucket list.    

I was hoping to just "not find" a job until after the summer.  Once I had completely overstayed my welcome on the unemployment party boat.  However, that is not the way my cards were dealt, so I'll be spending my weekdays contributing to society once again.  

Here's all the fun stuff I'd like to accomplish, mostly on my mornings and weekends off.

1. Camping at Killbear
2. Day trip to Long Beach
3. A bowling date night or two
4. Drive In - with and without the babe
5. Swim at an outdoor pool
6. Wild Waterworks
7.  Shop at the Niagara fruit stands
8.  Trip to the farmers market
9.  Winery Tour
10.  Hike the Devil's Punchbowl
11.  Sound of Music Festival
12.  Ribfest
13.  Play Bar Golf on Augusta Street
14.  Cottaging - mooch off friends or family (you know who you are!)
15.  See a Blue Jays game
16.  Lunch at Port Dalhousie
17.  Buy a bike and ride the trails
18.  Run a 5k
19.  Get a pedicure
20.  Camp out in our backyard
21.  Teach a yoga class at preschool
22.  Rock badass cowboy boots
23.  Roast s'mores
24. Go fishing
25.  Jump into the Hagersville quarry
26.  Cook with herbs from the garden
27.  Go sailing

I'll be updating this list at the end of the summer and hopefully I'll have scratched most of these off.  
Otherwise if I don't update, it's because I've failed miserably and I'm embarrassed that I didn't have as much fun as last summer...

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